We are an educational non profit organization founded in 2011. We work towards education, writing, community, and individual and collective healing based on trauma best practices. Throughout our history we have grown and changed, adapting to the way the world moves and how we understand it.

What do we believe in...?

We believe in the transformative power of stories because that is what we are: stories; our own, someone else’s, the one we don’t know or the one we relive without realizing it.

We believe in stories because when voices are heard, communities of healing, empathy, trust and advocacy begin to be born.
That’s why all our projects -new, short, long- invite us to look and feel ourselves from all stories.

...And how do we do that?

We do it through literacy, which means generating critical and creative thinking through reading, writing and the arts.

We work along three main lines, each one with its own projects.


El Salvador Programs

Literacy for life

We understand reading and expression as vehicles to promote dialogue and learning in community spaces.

Literacy for reconciliation

We believe in individual and collective healing through the recognition and resignification of personal stories.

Social Dialogue

We believe in the importance of listening to the diversity of voices and truths to strengthen social relationships.

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