We contribute to the integral development of children, adolescents and youth through reading, writing and social dialogue

About Our Work In El Salvador

We don’t teach how to read and write. Instead, we use reading and writing as essential tools to develop dialogue and debate, self-reflection and self-actualization. That’s why we measure our impact through changes in pro-social behaviors, to demonstrate changes in how learners see themselves and their futures. Reading and writing are tools to navigate school and work, but also the foundations for trauma-informed practices to create resilience and empathy.

Why we do it

Reading and writing have been identified as factors that influence violence prevention.
In Florida, The Melissa Institute found reading deficiencies in 85% of law-breaking youth and noted that on average they read 5 grades below grade level.
The conclusion is that at lower levels of reading comprehension, people may be more prone to develop aggressive behaviors; and the reason is because reading and writing are skills that develop neurons linked to empathy and resilience.

These conclusions apply to El Salvador; according to data from the World Bank (2018) 8 out of 10 third grade students and 7 out of 10 sixth grade students read well below their expected level.


El Salvador Programs

Literacy for life

Literacy for life is creating safe spaces to promote learning and self expression through reading and writing using a socio-affective and socio-educational model amongst the communities.

Literacy for reconciliation

ConTextos strengthen relationships and communities through literacy processes and a socio-educational focus; inviting to recognize those who have historically remained silent, and have only been able to express themselves from the cycles of violence, repression and exclusion.

Social Dialogue

We provide space for different actors of society to engage in dialogue, connect with each other’s stories, empathize and become key elements who generate transformation and solutions in order to strengthen the social fabric.
This is a safe space that allows us to build community.