We are an NGO that contributes to the integral development of children, adolescents and youth through reading, writing and social dialogue.

About us

ConTextos was born in El Salvador in 2011. We are an NGO that works for children and adolescents to contribute to educational quality through literacy. We do so with three key programs: Literacy for Life, Literacy for Reconciliation and Social Dialogue.
We understand literacy as generating critical thinking through reading, writing and art.

Our work

We work with a socio-formative approach that focuses on and recognizes the person as it is, but above all, on what it can become in a constructive and ethical way.
Our projects are aimed at children, adolescents and young people in vulnerable situations, teachers and returned migrant families.


El Salvador Programs

Literacy for life

We generate learning, reading and expression experiences to create safe spaces to promote learning for ourselves and our community.

Literacy for reconciliation

We strengthen relationships and realities through socio-formative and literacy processes to recognize those who have historically remained silent, expressing themselves only from cycles of violence, repression, and exclusion.

Social Dialogue

We create spaces where different sectors of society dialogue, connect stories, feelings and are an important part to propose key transformations, actions and solutions to strengthen the social fabric.