Communities are stronger
when every voice is heard.

ConTextos uses the power of education and personal narrative to promote healing and reflection, and to foster critical thinking and dialogue. We seek to lift up the voices and insights of people affected by trauma, to challenge assumptions, and to provoke change.

We Believe

Violence is not just an isolated moment between victimizer and victim. Hurt people hurt people, and violence spreads through networks: witnesses are likely to become victims are likely to become perpetrators. ConTextos aims to intervene at each point in this network of trauma by using the power of story and critical thinking to build empathy and understanding. We want to decrease violence and help individuals and communities heal, and also to create a space for all of us to imagine what a thriving community means. 

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June 15, 2021

Gold Scars

My friend Kate says everyone she knows is one stuck item in a vending machine away from a total collapse. It’s the most poignant insight…

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June 15, 2021

Hard Histories

This piece was written during circle in our new program Into A Black Beyond. IABB is a digital reading & writing circle for Black Chicagoans…

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Proyección de “Docuserie: Naciones encarceladas”

Como miembro de la red de Incarceration Nations Network, INN -red global que apoya y divulga los esfuerzos innovadores de reformas penitenciaras en todo el…

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Proyectos comunitarios en manos de jóvenes

¿Puede un adolescente de 13 años pensar que a su escuela le falta una biblioteca y decidirse a hacerla? ¿Comparar precios, armar un presupuesto, buscar…

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¡Hora de escuchar a la juventud!

Nueve jóvenes de ConTextos, FUSAL y Glasswing – todas oenegés que trabajanpor el bienestar de la niñez y juventud – se juntaron en un Facebook…

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