About ConTextos El Salvador

ConTextos uses the power of education and story to create transformative change. We work in schools to improve the quality of education and in communities, the criminal justice system, and reentry to promote violence prevention and rehabilitation.

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In 2019, the Library of Congress awarded ConTextos with the International Literacy Awards.

In 2019, the Gloria de Kriete Foundation, through the Caoba Capital Company, granted $50,000 to ConTextos and Habitat for Humanity El Salvador in order to establish and build 9 school libraries in five different Departments.

Team members

Debra Gittler

Founder and Executive Director

Zoila Recinos

Co-Founder and Director of Educational Programs

Gloria Raskosky

Country Director

Steven Araujo

Graphic Designer

Jennifer Coreas

Project Coordinator: Soy Autor

Guadalupe Pérez

Office Assistant

María de los Ángeles Dueñas de Barrera

Administration and Finance Director

Jackeline Ascencio

Library Technician

Rene Osorio

Library Technician

William Melgar

Logistics and Security Assistant

Miriam Luna

Teacher Trainer

Flor Romero

Administration and Finance Coordinator

Diego Rosa

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Systematization Coordinator

Daisy Díaz

Teacher Trainer

Daniela Raffo

Content Producer

Esmeralda Zarceño

Teacher Trainer

Paola Lorenzana

Program Associate

Belky Arteaga

Specialist instructor

Victor Gomez

Finance assistant

Eduardo Navarrete

Social worker

Selene Mangandi

Social worker

Lourdes Chacón


Blanca Iris Mejía

Institutional development

Martha Eugenia López

Administration assistant

Nelson Marquez

Teachers Trainer

Majo Beza

Communications Director

Clanci Rosa

Social Media Manager

Adriana Orellana

Educational Investigation Specialist

Verónica Rivera

Psychosocial Specialist

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2018-2019 Report

2016-2017 Report

2014-2015 Report

2013-2014 Report

2012-2013 Report

2011-2012 Report

2011 Report