Quality Education

Soy Lector

Our program Soy Lector is a three year intensive intervention, establishes a beautiful school library including an e-reader lab of fully loaded Kindles, and supports teachers to transform teaching so that kids become engaged, thoughtful and excited readers and thinkers.

We provide targeted interventions for k-3rd, 4th-9th, student leaders and parents and integrate monitoring and evaluation that informs programming and demonstrates results. Assessments show that ConTextos’ students read far-beyond their peers at similar schools, reaching international grade level standards while also developing skills such as reasoning, tolerance and curiosity.

Programs for the Public

ConTextos partners with Fundación de Sola and other businesses to bring together diverse actors in Salvadoran society who work to forge peace. In FOROPAZ events, we facilitate alliances between sectors and strengthen the capacities of peace leaders. Our social advocacy builds bridges to support peace initiatives in the public and private spheres. FOROPAZ is an impartial civil initiative, without flags.

ConTextos believes in the power of texts and dialogue for a more peaceful society. You can be a part of this work by using a text to guide your own dinners and conversations.

We encourage speaking not of what you do or where you work, but how we all interpret the world from different perspectives. Speaking across our differences, we can work together towards peace.

Violence Prevention & Rehabilitation

Soy Autor

Participants learn to “read as writers” as they draft and publish their own memoirs; then their powerful personal narratives are used the build bridges and provoke empathy with thought-leaders, policy makers and community members.

The program targets individuals who have been exposed to trauma and are victims or at-risk of violence, including juvenile detainees, youth on parole and incarcerated men and women, all of whom will be released back into society.

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Leadership Development

Annual Teachers Conference

ConTextos’s Annual Teachers’ Conference is a unique experience in El Salvador, before ConTextos, these events didn’t exist were or very limited.

the objective of this event is to sustain and strengthen the network of teachers who have been part of ConTextos’s training in schools, community centers, city halls or insertion centers. Teachers manage to see themselves as professionals and share with each other experiences and challenges that are present in their profession.

The annual teachers’ conference takes part at a perfect time to give closure to the year and reward the talent and effort they’ve given to their classroom every day while at the same time inspire them to keep growing and acknowledge them as professionals in education.

Every year since 2014 ConTextos has given awards to celebrate and recognize the excellent educational quality of El Salvador and the generosity of our donors and partners.Since 2016 the teachers have become ConTextos donors as well by creating a special fund delivered to the winner of “El Mango Dorado” to amplify and implement innovative projects in the schools.

Training Literacy Leaders

We work with partner organizations in Central America to train their staff and build capacity to incorporate literacy practice in their programs. Starfish One-by-One in Guatemala and Un Mundo in Honduras have both benefited from our consulting on literacy best practices.

Sharing across borders enriches our mission as we spread the culture of reading, writing and dialogue.