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We don’t teach how to read and write. Instead, we use reading and writing as essential tools to develop dialogue and debate, self-reflection and self-actualization. That’s why we measure our impact through changes in pro-social behaviors, to demonstrate changes in how learners see themselves and their futures. Reading and writing are tools to navigate school and work, but also the foundations for trauma-informed practices to create resilience and empathy.

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September 16, 2020


Terminó la última semana de ConTextos en escuelas de Washington DC. Esperamos regresar pronto a El Salvador para reorganizar nuestro apoyo a centros escolares que…

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September 16, 2020

Poderes microscópicos

Así como a algunas señoras las apodan como “la señora de las plantas”, “la señora de los gatos” o la “señora de los tuppers” en…

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El Salvador Programs

Quality Education

We believe the purpose of schooling is to create well-rounded and positive citizens, not just prepare for college and employment. That’s why our work with schools focuses on teachers as key components for lasting change, to create learning environments that promote reflection and dialogue as the foundations for emotional and professional success.

Violence Prevention

We believe that incarceration—whether jail, prison, or juvenile detention—should be an opportunity for reflection and rehabilitation, not just punitive punishment. We know that most perpetrators of violence began as victims, and most victims as witnesses. That’s why our work addresses trauma while developing life skills to ensure successful re-entry into society, family and work.

Leadership Development

The objective of the ConTextos’s Annual Teachers Conference is to sustain and strengthen the network of teachers who have been part of ConTextos’s training in schools, community centers, city halls or insertion centers. Teachers manage to see themselves as professionals and share with each other experiences and challenges that are present in their profession.

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