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The people want segregation

This piece was written during circle in our new program Into A Black Beyond. IABB is a digital reading & writing circle for Black Chicagoans to explore topics relevant to this inflection point of history and to grow and learn together. Learn more

Glenance Green is a storyteller and content creator, building beautiful magic from her home office in the historic black metropolis of Bronzeville. One thing that she wishes that people knew about her right away is how much the fire within her burns for racial equity and social justice. One goal that she is setting for herself during this collaboration is vulnerability, as she believes in writing with passion from her center and connecting with others to build collective power.

The people want segregation

By Glenance Green

The people want segregation

A space where black bodies can be free from governance

Free to roam

Free of social control and narcissism and DEATH

Free to move about the world as we please to eat, drink, hike, swim, laugh, breathe, stand, walk, run, and birdwatch as we see fit

The people want segregation

Not to perpetuate racialized practices of vitriol and hate

But to live

In black joy

In peace

In harmony

With love

Through light

Feeling liberated

Under God

The people want segregation

Because they’ve come to see themselves outside of and beyond an integrated system unseemingly for them

For us

The people want segregation

Because anti-blackness has been skyrocketed from slavery into the afro-future that we call the present, and there is no place that black folks feel safe except amongst themselves

The people want segregation

Because they left the people with no other choice

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