febrero 14, 2022 by Sharon Moore

Valentines day team-write piece written by dr. moore

Feb. 14, 2022

I remember so clearly attending my first ConTextos event at Gallery Guichard that was a celebration of an IMAN circle. The facility was lovely of course, the gathering itself was lively with a buzz of curiosity, accomplishment, anticipation. I remember sitting at the back of the space, faded into the audience listening to each young Black man read his piece, thinking to myself: “Here is hope. Here is our future.” I was moved by the men of course, moved by their loved ones watching with rapt attention; I was moved by the mothers among us who though they wore no name tags designating them as such were known by their collective leaning in and leaning toward their sons. I remember sitting there in a kind of wonder because there was love in that space and it was palpable. I was an interloper of course, not yet connected to ConTextos, not yet facilitating the kind of journeys, the depths of process that lead to such moments. I was on the outside looking in but only from a limited perspective, for if one were to use a broader lens, it was clear that though I shall never be a mother, those sons of those other mothers were my sons too. It isn’t just DNA that creates connection; we all know this to be true. Part of the ties that bind us together, part of what allows us to be knocked down 1000 times but rise up anyway is love. And that is not tied to any date on any calendar; it, love, exists and survives always. So when you feel trapped on, and tired of life’s merry-go-round, when you worry for all the sons and daughters of this city and all the sons and daughters of our global community, take a deep breath and send your love into the Universe. That is something, indeed.

-dr. moore

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