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At ConTextos, the writing process is so much more than words on pages. With each Circle and each Author we cultivate a space of vulnerability and compassion, uplifting voices and opening up minds and hearts to let go—release—and building bridges to understanding, renewal and hope—repair. Practices that are essential during this time of collective anxiety, hurt and mourning in 2020.

This year we’ve all learned (and experienced) so much about the impacts of trauma and the importance of healing and again and again we have been reminded of the power of story to release and repair from trauma—trauma that is experienced as an individual and as a collective. That’s why storytelling has always been at the heart of ConTextos.

Offering transformative writing Circles during the pandemic has been critical to helping our Authors heal. In March 2020 we quickly pivoted to launch digital circles and have reached more than 200 Authors across Chicago lifting up their stories of resilience. We have written with Authors in re-entry programs such as IMAN and MAAFA, CPS students struggling with increased levels of summer violence in our virtual Dear Chicago Circle, and daily in our Open Circle with Alumni Authors, ConTextos staff and our wider community as a powerful way to connect, write, release and repair.

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Help us raise $21,000 to lift up more critically important stories in Chicago in 2021. Your support will amplify the voices of:

+ CPS students in after-school programs @ Auburn Gresham.

+ Emerging Black leaders across Chicago in our Into A Black Beyond Circle which supports healing from racial trauma and building power

+ Incarcerated fathers who will be connecting with their children through our BedTime Stories partnership with Cook County Department of Corrections and Chicago Public Libraries.

+ Individuals released from prison on Electronic Monitoring in our new co-facilitated program with Circles & Ciphers!

+ Participants in community based workforce development and reentry programs across Chicago.

Every $1 that you give before the end of the year will be matched up to $21,000!

Thank you for helping lift up more stories in 2021 and helping more Authors to transform narratives about Chicago with their powerful voices and perspectives during this critical moment.

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Release and Repair Series

Check out how our work is making a difference in the words and powerful stories of our Authors, staff, and partners.

Unique Journey: IMAN Authors Circle 2020

His Story Part 1

Part 2: The Escape

Watch the full series on our Youtube Channel

Help us get to $21,000 before 2021!

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