1. Are these programs only for public schools in El Salvador?

No! Our programs can be adopted and adjusted for private schools, businesses and NGOs, too.


2. What are the requirements for my school or institutions to benefit from ConTextos' network of Turnkey Libraries and Teacher Training?

  • Desire to participate in an innovative program.
  • Available space to establish a library.
  • Request an application at:


3. How can I donate?

Donate via PayPal or send a check in name of ConTextos to:

El Salvador: 2a Ave Norte #3-2, Santa Tecla, La Libertad
USA: 641 W. Lake St. Suite 200, IL 60661.

All donations are tax-deductible in the USA and El Salvador.


4. How much is an investement in ConTextos?

  • The Turnkey Library and Teacher Training program costs just $5000 / year.
  • Soy Autor has a cost of less than $100 / student.
  • Contact us to see a list of schools that have already applied for sponsorship or to recomment a particular school you want to support.