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ConTextos uses the power of education and story to create transformative change. We work in schools to improve the quality of education and in communities, the criminal justice system, and reentry to promote violence prevention and rehabilitation.

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ConTextos’ reach has spread to the east side of El Salvador, in alliance with the municipalities, bringing literacy to the rural communities of Northen Morazán: Torola, Jocoaitique, San Fernando, Villa El Rosario and Perquín. We are establishing a collaborative network between 24 schools that works in three integrated systems led by the Ministry of Education.

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Our Impact

In 2018, the United Nations, in collaboration with the “Fundacion para la Educacion Superior” (FES), completed an assessment of ConTextos’ programming, similar to on-going assessment. “With this research project, it is found that the writing process catalyzes a process of strengthening and emotional recognition that is extremely necessary for a young person who has lived or witnessed much more pain than he should at his age. In this sense, violence prevention policy in a group of deprived of liberty (tertiary prevention) is fundamental to achieve true social transformation. These young people will have to reinsert themselves into society and they must be truly be prepared for this process.”

The significant impact demonstrated by this evaluation has sparked additional assessments in Chicago and El Salvador with the University of Chicago CrimeLabs, the MIT Poverty Lab, Arnold Foundation and Drexel University; preliminary results show consistent and significant impact from ConTextos’ programming to improve learning outcomes, develop empathy and self-reflection, and create a sense of positive identity for the self and the future.

In 2019, the Library of Congress of the United States of America awarded ConTextos with the International Price


Debra Gittler

Founder and Executive Director

Zoila Recinos

Co-Founder and Director of Educational Programs

Gloria Raskosky

Country Director

Steven Araujo

Graphic Designer

Jennifer Coreas

Project Coordinator: Soy Autor

Eduardo Carranza

Strategy and Institutional Development Director

Teresa Mejía


Jackeline Ascencio

Library Technician

Joaquín Vega

Library Technician

Rene Osorio

Library Technician

Melvin Moreno

Teacher Trainer & Soy Autor Teacher

William Melgar

Logistics and Security Assistant

Miriam Luna

Teacher Trainer

Flor Romero

Administration and Finance Coordinator

Carolina Bodewig

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Systematization Coordinator

Daisy Díaz

Teacher Trainer

Daniela Raffo

Librarian Trainer

Esmeralda Zarceño

Teacher Trainer

Paola Lorenzana

Program Associate

Iris Martínez


Elena Alvarado


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