COVID-19 Updates

In Author’s Circles, we have traditionally gathered in person to draft, revise, edit and publish our memoirs. Through the writing process, we move from hurt to healing, exploring the past as we author a brighter future. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve been faced with the challenge of transitioning our programming online. To adapt, we’ve launched Cyber Circles, which happen online via Zoom. Together, we write to release our thoughts, emotions and to connect with our pasts, our futures, and one another.

Transition from in person to Cyber circles

At the start of the shut down, we had three in person Authors Circles that have transitioned to Cyber Circles. Two of our community workforce development partners (IMAN & MA’AFA) and Authors Squad at Ralph Ellison High School now meet weekly online.

In addition to these circles that have transitioned from in person to online, we have launched/are in the process of launching three new online circles.

Open Circle

At the start of the pandemic shut down, ConTextos felt the urgent need to create a consistent, open space where folks could gather to commune, write, and process the “new” world we were all navigating.

Now, months later, we have launched Open Circle reimagined, As our country moves into a pivotal part of our history, we hope to mutually construct a space to read, write, discuss and process the theme of Transition of Power. There are so many ways to think about transition, to think about power, to think about our relationships to both.

We invite you to write, share, and process the shifts, the dynamics of, and relationships to power and transitions.

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