March 6, 2015 by ConTextos


This is in El Salvador!

ConTextos is thrilled to share images of our newest library collaboration in Nuevo Cuscatlan. Yesterday were mayoral and deputy elections in El Salvador, so we’ve stayed away from publishing the project to keep out of politics. But now that the votes are cast and ballots are being counted, we are proud to make it known that ConTextos will be managing the beautiful library in Nuevo Cuscatlan.

The project is completely financed and maintained as a municipal endeavor, but ConTextos is helping create the vision and implement programming.

It saddens me to have to emphasize that ConTextos has absolutely no political affiliations. We are 100% apolitical, non-religious and equal-opportunity. We are thrilled to see that Nuevo Cuscatlan will be able to offer it’s residents a beautiful, safe library for children, teens, adults to learn, explore, discover and connect. And we hope that every municipality in El Salvador and throughout Central America soon has similar spaces to emphasize the importance of community, learning and coming together.

Please, reach out to your local mayor, diputado and other representatives to tell them to get in contact with ConTextos so we can start building beautiful libraries all over El Salvador!

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