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Two El Salvadors

Por Debra Gittler. Fecha Ene 26, 2015
Las week, Roberto Valencia from, a widely awarded on-line newspaper covering issues effecting Salvadorans, published “Letter from the Underworld.” Valencia published a letter from a local who asked (or perhaps better said: derided) the Spanish journalist for staying in a country...

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“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” –Reverand Martin Luther King, Jr.

Por Debra Gittler. Fecha Ene 20, 2015
I’ve often heard people say that Martin Luther King Day should be a day of schooling, not a day off. After all, what better way to honor his memory than immerse ourselves in his teachings and his dream. So how appropriate that this year, El Salvador’s first day of school is also Martin Luther...

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Kindergarten in the “First World”

Por Debra Gittler. Fecha Ene 12, 2015
This morning, I went with my sister and my 5-year-old niece to visit her kindergarten teacher. Kelema got a not-so-stellar report card; my sister needed to show her kid—and the teacher—that she meant business. I was overwhelmed with sentiment as we passed colorful lockers, children’s...

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