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Give these kids -and their families- a chance at home!

Por Debra Gittler. Fecha Nov 24, 2014
During 2014, nearly 70,000 kids have crossed the US border, unaccompanied and undocumented. Obama’s recent executive action to address immigration and delay deportation has brought these kids back into the spotlight: he vows to deport “criminals, not kids.” Meanwhile, today’s NY Post...

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It’s Officially Our Fifth Year!

Por Debra Gittler. Fecha Nov 12, 2014
When I first launched ConTextos, someone told me the following: 92% of non-profits will fail in their first year. 95% will fail within two years. 98% will fail by year three. But for the less than 2% that make it to year five… well, they have a real chance of success and...

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The importance of opening the aula (classroom)

Por Debra Gittler. Fecha Nov 3, 2014
Last week, we went to visit a school that is just finishing the Turnkey process.  We planned a morning visit for the donor; in fact, he was our very first Turnkey sponsor. I was nervous. This whole first year testing our scalable model has been a learning curve. And as a naïve gringa, I really...

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